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Child jewellery

Business Prospects


The children’s jewellery range starts from Rs. 3,000 onwards. The margin (making charges) in this sector is anywhere between 12 per cent-16 per cent on an average.. Gitanjali’s Choksi evaluates the size of customized jewellery market at between Rs 1,000- 1,500 crore, with a potential to grow at 50 per cent a year.”High price of gold is not likely to ... Read More »

Gifting as a growing market:


Children’s jewellery is definitely becoming more popular as consumers move awayfrom purchasing only classics christening pieces to designs that can be given -’birthday and festivities. I n keeping pace with this – J. most of the jewellers have created an exclusive segment for kid’s jewellery and agree that, sales have registered an increase ever since. Gold is the most preferred ... Read More »

Niche Market


“The competition in this niche sector has increased over the past three to five years, but not many brands have stayed the course, and it is a very competitive market;’ says a spokesperson from Bhima Jewellers, Thiruvananthapuram. According to Anantha Padmanabhan, managing director, NAC Jewellers, Chennai, “Our collection for kids, called Young Ones is dedicated to redefining the jewellery category ... Read More »

Children’s Jewellery: A good business prospect?


Be it child birth, naming ceremony, initiation into schooling, or birthdays, gold is an integral aspect of these celebrations in many communities in India. For instance, in Kerala, when a baby is born, the oldest woman in the family dips a gold coin in honey and touches the baby’s tongue with it. Similarly, when the child is about three or ... Read More »



Bauble App is US Based start up company which has launched very good children necklace. The US $ 15 fairy heart necklace has an integrated NEC tag that allows owners to initially download a companion app before listening to the day’s audio message from the tooth fairy. Bauble Apps Joanna Robinson explained that they straightly go to clients with NEC ... Read More »