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Children’s Jewellery: A good business prospect?

Children’s Jewellery: A good business prospect?

Be it child birth, naming ceremony, initiation into schooling, or birthdays, gold is an integral aspect of these celebrations in many communities in India.

For instance, in Kerala, when a baby is born, the oldest woman in the family dips a gold coin in honey and touches the baby’s tongue with it. Similarly, when the child is about three or four years old, a scholar traces words on the child’s tongue with gold to ensure fluency of speech.

Jewellery for children have always been part of India’s social fabric but it is only now that many jewellers are creating specific designs and patterns for children based on the customers’ requirements such as lightweight, soft edges, nontoxic metals etc.

Armed with the information that artificial jewellery is reported to contain heavy doses of lead, a poisonous substance, consumers have been demanding safe and non-toxic jewellery for their young ones.