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Gifting as a growing market:

Gifting as a growing market:

Children’s jewellery is definitely becoming more popular as consumers move awayfrom purchasing only classics christening pieces to designs that can be given -’birthday and festivities. I n keeping pace with this – J. most of the jewellers have created an exclusive segment for kid’s jewellery and agree that, sales have registered an increase ever since.

Gold is the most preferred metal for children, awed by silver and then a monds. Taking region wise one can see in South india the demand for gol jewellery is high whereas in north india it is the silver ornaments for kids which are in demand. For instance, in Kerala, gifting gold to a new born baby is a custom that is followed by all communities. For the naming ceremony, babies are usually gifted with gold waist chain, neck chain, and anklets.

Speaking about the trends for kids jewellery, Mehul Choksi, chairman and managing director of Gitanjali Group says that gifting jewellery to their kids is the latest trend seen among the young urban parents. Globally, characters with which kids can identify themselves are offered by jewellers. For instance, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and other Disney cartoon characters are sought after as motifs in children’s jewellery.

Majority of jewellers offer attractive jewellery in shapes like baseball, chilly, elephants, teddy, fish, butterfly, little hearts, dolphin, camel etc. Retailers say that these motifs are pretty much in demand for children’s jewellery category.