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Bold, bling and beautiful – adorn Titanium and Stainless steel jewellery with élan

Fashion is best when redefined with bolder and out-of-the-box concepts. With fashion jewelry one will always want to make a stylish impression. And to bring a sense of freshness Dallen Accessories brings their eclectic Titanium and Stainless Steel jewelry collection – it for those who love to play it bold and aspire to look cool.

Moving away from the traditionally used gold, silver and diamonds, Dallen’s new collection is about creating the awe moment. This entire collection is bound to get envious glances from onlookers. It is an edition that is made to make one look stunning good.

The defining feature of the collection is that they all have this cult feature embedded in the core design. Each piece spells a certain pride. Designers have given special touches to entire range making the entire collection look innovative and creative.

When you will wear it, you will believe it. The range of Titanium rings, necklaces and bracelets are made to turn one spellbound. The intricate detail blended with the creative design makes the collection worth having.

The Stainless Steel range of jewelry comprising of bracelets, rings and neck pieces are made for those who like to wear sturdy yet fashionable jewelry.

Both Stainless Steel and Titanium are the trending metals. It is easy to work along with these two metals that were used in industrial machines and in aeroplanes. These two forms of metals have caught attention of many jewelry designers worldwide. Youngsters and working professional prefer to have Titanium/ Stainless Steel rings since this jewelry look elegant and classy to wear on everyday occasion.

It is in vogue to have Titanium or Stainless Steel jewelry since they go well with all Western attrite and apt accessory for formal dressing. The piece of jewelry looks strong yet elegant to wear. It is for those who love and dare to dream. For those who like to make their own rules and live by them.

The most unique or best aspect of this range of jewelry is that it is easy to maintain. Unlike gold or silver that fade with usage, Titanium or Stainless Steel have sheen on them for a longer spell of time. They don’t break easily so can be used as casual jewelry or for party purpose as the need be.

Dallen Accessories also have a special Skull Edition range of jewelry made for those rock and pop music fans and budding band members. This skull range has already created a lot of buzz in the fashion circle with its bold design and creative product concept. This designer Skull edition in Titanium and Stainless Steel has Skull pendants, rings and bracelets. It is for those looking for some spunky dressing with are dash of fashion.

Those who wish to add a refreshing touch to their fashion make-up, it worth buying Dallen Accessories designer collection. It’s out now on the online store.