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Business rivalry behind Khurana jewellers frivolous e-mails

Business rivalry behind Khurana jewellers frivolous e-mails

Amritsar police have cracked a cyber crime case in which a local jeweller’s son has been booked for allegedly trying to dent the reputation of city based Khurana Jewellers by shooting frivolous e-mails to its customers.

In July, Munish Khurana, a shareholder in Khurana Jewellers, had lodged a complaint with the Civil Lines police that an unidentified person was allegedly writing blogs and sending frivolous e-mails from bogus IDs to their customers with an intention to defaming them and ruiningtheir business. The c-mails used to mention that the jewellery house is defrauding its customers by selling fake diamonds. (The Art of Jewellery also received a copy of the mail). A case under Section 66-A of the Information Technology Act and Sections 500 and 501 of the I PC was registered.

Soon the local police, along with investigation authorities of cyber crime cell uncovered the racket and it was found that Suhail Kedia, son of the owner of Malliram Jewellers, was involved in sending the emails. Kedia was arrested on July 18 and has been bailed out. Kedia confessed that he had done this out of jealousy and to stigmatise the reputation of Khurana Jewellers.

To quote from an email received by us from Charanjit Arora, Munish Khurana and Pankaj Arora, partners in Khurana Jewellers, “We have been in this trade from last 62 years and are amongst one of north India’s leading retailers o fine jewellery. Malicious attempt of ruining one’s goodwill out of trade jealousy- Is that one calls a fair trade practice? Can a respectable business house run its business in peace, with honesty and without fear when such deceitful people stoop low to such unethical ways to stay in trade? Due to this episode, our customers got affected and our sales dipped. It won’t be surprising if eventually the sale of diamonds in north India gets affected too.”

“This is an unprecedented case. Such actions damages reputations built over years and GJF strongly condemn the unethical elements who have perpetrated these acts of emailing potentially damaging staternents.This could result in drastic loss of consumer confidence. GAF is of the strong opinion that unethical rivalry results unhealthy competition causing damage to everyone in the business,” commented a spokesperson of All India Gem and Jewellery Trade Federation.