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Reasons for the Price-fall of Gold

Reasons for the Price-fall of Gold

Several factors are said to contribute to the price fall. The cyber currency beat, the war like tense situation between the U.S. and North Korea and the near-bankruptcy situation of Cyprus which has been asked to help itself by selling its gold reserves to shore-up its currency. Not only that, other economically weak countries may be by the central bank to follow suit; As a result the prices are falling with the expectation that tons of gold may be unloaded in the world. There are some who suspect a planned conspiracy by a syndicate to bring down the prices. There is also the Phenomenon of beat-currency. This is a new type of cyber-currency where the buyer can keep his identity a secret Nobody can confiscate this property. People disappointed in various investments have joined beat-currency whose value in a short period has shot up from 34 dollars to 200 dollars. It is also said that US and European investors have started investing in foreign currency and foreign stock-markets, contributing to the price fall.

For the first time after July 2011, a big reduction in international gold prices has been experienced. Experienced jewellers Give the following reasons for the price – dip.

Goldman Sach’s prediction of a further dip Rumors of an unknown persons’s order on MAX to sell 140 tons of gold.

Fear of an impending sale by Cyprus to stave off a crisis.Constant increase in the sale of ETFS increasing investment in “beat-currency’