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Journey with diamonds: from a trader to a manufacturer

Journey with diamonds: from a trader to a manufacturer

Naijo. K.0, born on 1980 in Ernakulam is the third child of his parents. His father Ouseph. K.A is a retired armyman and mother Threissaimma is a house wife. Belonging to a traditional Christian Kerala family Naijo always wanted to be a business man.

After receiving graduation in commerce, Naijo decided to follow his dream. Initially it was hard as his family was not supporting his choice. But nothing could dishearten as he was confident about his career.

Entering into the gold business guided by a friend Suresh, Naijo worked hard and sincerely. Suresh educated him well on every aspect of wholesale gold business. On his own, Naijo also started doing research for six monthson varied aspects of the business.

To further understand the gold business scenario, he decided to relocate to Thrissur, the gold jewellery hub of Kerala. As the first step, he started on with gold trading. For complete three years he dedicated himself to this segment. But Naijo was not satisfied or happy with that he was doing.

Finally wrapping up the gold trading, he went to Mumbai to study gemology. He took up three years course in gemology with IGI. Alongside his studies, to hone his expertise in the field he started obtaining training under prominent manufacturers in Mumbai.

He scheduled his time accordingly. After his college hours, he would leave for training between 6 pm and 2 am. This hectic schedule did not exhaust him but in turn boosted his will power to move ahead. After the completion of his course, he returned to Kerala and his only aim was to set up a diamond manufacturing unit.

The young man did not want to start his business in a hurry, without any planning. He decided to move aheac step by step in terms of investment, a good commercial space and many things related to start a business.

Once he gained confidence , in 2006 he set up his first manufacturing unit christened as ‘Flame Jewellers’ with two workers at Thrissur, Kerala. For the first couple of years, it was a struggle. It was challenging to convince the clients in terms of quality, designs, trustworthiness just like any other new business would face.

According to him, “quality cannot be compromised and this was the very reason, I emphasized on having a strong ‘QC’ department in the unit.

Naijo says it was not a very easy task to convince a client, sometimes it was at the third or fourth attempt he would get an order from them. “I would be at the client’s office at 10 am but could see the person only by seven in the evening. My patience is my biggest success,” he adds.

The success of the unit was followed by another unit with skilled employees. This facility deals exclusively with navratan and birth stones and is called as ‘Navaprabha’.

Naijo has no plans to venture into the retail business but plans to spread his wings further on the manufacturing segment. He says, “We plan to become the No.1 diamond jewellery manufacturers in India by 2015.”

Naijo feels time is very precious and one should make virtuous use of it. He also teaches (guest lecturer) gemology to chemistry students at St. Joseph’s college, Cochin, Kerala.